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Steven S Steven S
Great for Cat and Nine tails
Worked great for me getting below the water surface and cutting down pond weeds especially the Cat and Ninetails. Cuts through the root system very easily in my opinion.
Derek J Slink Derek J Slink
Great rake for the money
Didn’t know what to expect when I purchased this rake. We just bought a house with a pond and it has been neglected. I wanted to clean out the years of branches and leaves and various debris. It’s slow, but works very well. Very sturdy, grabs the branches well, grabs solids well.
j j
Great pond rake
This is an almost perfect lake rake however the lower part that attaches handle to the basket is too flexible and over time it flexes the mesh basket and breaks it.. figure that out and it would be perfect
Bullseye Bullseye
It works better with a simple modification!
It works well removing branches and leaves from my pond. On the downside, I had to have a small bar welded where the rope attaches because it often slide to either side when tossed. Others have complained about this problem and I cannot understand why the manufacturer has taken steps to modify their design like some of us have had to do.
Bridget D. Bridget D.
I'll just try it
Very poor instructions. Screws barely fit and neither of the two that I ordered came with the green net as listed. Still usable.
J. Gibson J. Gibson
Robert F. Robert F.
Pond rake
Works like a charm. Drags all growth to the pond edge for extraction
Ken A Huffman Ken A Huffman
Right idea, blades too shallow
This does work, but work is the key word. If the blades were deeper and the blade holders were more streamlined, it would be great. Longer blades may make it harder to retrieve thru weeds. Give it deeper blades and streamline the holders and it would be a winner.
Tim McKenna Tim McKenna
Does the trick
I was skeptical spending this much for a rake. But I have to say it was a good purchase. It pulls the weeds out by the root which was a concern. Only negative is it should of had an eyelet on it to attach the rope to the top of the triangle. As once in awhile the rope can slip down the triangle making that throw useless. But doing a slip knot seems to have taken care of that problem.
Judy H. Judy H.
Heavy. Gets the job done.
We have a large pond and too much muck and weeds and lily pads. Threw this out to cut the weeds and it’s a chore. Wear good gloves, not included.

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