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R. Steiner R. Steiner
1 PC 71x71 Orange
It does what I expected
For those who follow me on Amazon Reviews (of which I assume there are none, possibly fewer) you will remember from last week I had assembled a three-section screen and by the third go-round had developed an artisan’s skill at cheapo screen assembly. So even though the pictorial instructions left a fair amount to be desired, as they typically do, my deep knowledge of the craft could be applied productively to this effort. Fortunately the assembly was fairly intuitive and not unlike the previous screens that I had mastered. I should mention that I am 71 years old (I know, I said 70 last week, but guess what, birthday) so things like bending and getting down on the floor are not my forte [pronounced “fortay” by most Americans but one of my English teachers in high school said it should really be pronounced like “fort” so who really can say]. The suggestion in the instructions was that if the screen fabric were wrinkled (yes that is the correct use of the subjunctive mood) from being folded, and of course it were (that is an incorrect use of the subjunctive mood) then I could use a garment steamer. But really, how many divorced elderly men who live alone do you know who have a garment steamer. I don’t know any, but maybe I’m the odd duck here and most do. Anyway the wrinkles aren’t that bad so I will live with them. The color is certainly not orange, or even orangey in my opinion, but that is what I was hoping for, so I’m pleased. (Oh, by the way, the photograph that you can just see in the left hand corner is Beatle George Harrison and son Dhani who is now 44). Please like and share.
DJ Ian DJ Ian
3 PCs 102x71 Black
I was able to turn my shop basement into a nightclub! Perfect and easy, setup took a few minutes per section. You have to be careful to keep the feet perpendicular to the crossbar so tehy don't fall over. They stand well on their own on my slightly uneven floor.
msj msj
3 PCs 102x71 Orange
super product i already installed in my office super product i already installed in my office super product i already installed in my office super product i already installed in my office super product i already installed in my office
Jitendra T. Jitendra T.
3 PCs 102x71 Black
Easy to work with
Simple, Easy to work with
louie louie
3 PCs 216x71 Orange
divider panel
great product
Nagesh Yerramalla Nagesh Yerramalla
1 PC 71x71 Black
Easy to assemble
Easy to use but shaky when moving
Kanna Kanna
3 PCs 216x71 Orange
Good product
Good product asked one additional bottom ,I told them I can pay for that but they said no. Overall good product using it in Bolcony and in home.waiting for someone to respond my request for additional bottom plate
Dustin S. Dustin S.
3 PCs 102x71 Orange
Orange is more of a Brown
I deducted 1 start for two reasons; There is no instructions on how to set it up but it was easy enough to figure out. One of the upright poles was not straight/true but the clips allowed it to look correct. The color is not like the photos but in a good way. It is more of a camel brown color. I am happier with this color than the Orange I was expecting.
Sabastian Sabastian
1 PC 71x71 Beige
Love the look Many compliments on this
Great value seller and quality and product it exceeds my expectations lots of compliments even from the person who heads fashion week she said omg where did u get that I need them for changing Areas I use them for my business so many compliments Very nice neutral color matches my decorEasily moveable love love love
3 PCs 102x71 Brown
It serves its purpose
It serves the purpose of dividing the room. Not the most sturdy, in fact a couple panels broke already but I was able to remove them and still use the divider.

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