Gambler Gambler
Hand Truck
Hello, my husband was pleased with this unit. It will help him to gett up the front and back porch which has stairs to enter and exit the house. Thanks for a nice product. .
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
Water softener salt has met its match.
Monthly delivery of softener salt is a nightmare. The bag says 40lbs but i swear they are closer to 100lbs. This cart makes it very manageable to get the salt up and down the steps with little effort. I should have purchased it years ago.
Larry Coppock Larry Coppock
Very Handy
The hand truck has made it very easy to bring heavy objects and boxes upstairs. As a senior 80 year old I need every advantage. Really big is a problem but as long as the object fits the platform there is little problem.
Dennis Desy Dennis Desy
Portable Stair Climbing Folding Cart Climb Moving Up To 330lb Hand Truck Dolly
Steven Steven
Great cart
I helped my brother and sister in law move and everyone was really impressed and everyone wanted to use it rather than other carts we had. Held up perfectly the whole day long. Even on steep stairs.
Michael Aladjem Michael Aladjem
Bad product
Wheels do not align with holding brackets and shafts generally Poor quality Worst product I ever bought in the USA
Joyce Henry Joyce Henry
Have not used it yet!
Buzzard52 Buzzard52
Great product, works as advertised
Great product, works as advertised. It is perfect for taking things up and down the stairs to our attic, we have a walk in attic. it is not a warehouse heavy duty work horse, but for everyday items it is perfect and very helpful. For what it was designed for, 330lb limit, it is ideal. If you have a lot of turns to do when going up stairs it is best not to load it to its maximum, but for under limit loads it works beautifully for us. we expect to be using it for many years to come.
Pat J. Pat J.
The capacity it holds
I love it. It was just what I needed. I use it carry heavy items like water into my home.
jim long jim long
Easy to use and adjustable....
I travel a lot and this unit helps remove my 70 lb bags up and down the stairs it's simple to use its very adjustable.Makes the old task of lugging the luggage up the stairs a lot easier...

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