Shelley11 Shelley11
So far, good scale for the price.
We just bought a new digital scale last year (but a different brand). Over the winter, the wiring came loose in the previous "new" scale & we needed to weigh some lambs that we had for sale, so we needed to make an immediate purchase due to time commitments. This scale arrived on time and in good condition. The scale seems to be accurate, and the monitor is easy to read. The drawback is that the monitor is plastic and attached to the scale with a fairly flimsy, short spiral cord. The monitor can't be moved very far away from the scale when the animals are on the scale. We had to always be cautious of keeping the moving animals away from the monitor. It would be much better if the cord was longer and the monitor could be away from all the "action". It is also slightly bulky to move, but it is still comparatively lightweight. Other than that, we are pleased so far. We hope the wiring on this scale stays in place and lasts longer than the last one!
David Dotson David Dotson
Great product
Right out of the box this scale was perfectly calibrated. Not to heavy to move around. The main surface is tough and easy to clean. I only have one recommendation for improvement. There should be a to attach the controls to the main body when moving.
Hippie Farm Hippie Farm
Not for humans
I bought this scale to weigh my goats when I needed to figure out how much of a certain medication to give them. The dosage was based on weight. It worked very well for that. But don't weigh yourself! For some reason, every time I stepped on it, I seemed to weigh about 15 pounds more than I thought I did. Now, I didn't say there was an accuracy problem.I wish there was a way to secure the display to the scale. The whole thing is light enough to carry, by the handle, with one hand, but then your free hand is required to hold the display.
Jessica Anderson Jessica Anderson
Works for what we needed.
Works well. Only issue is the coating is coming off already. We purchased to weigh our lambs

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