J & A Recyclers J & A Recyclers
Bought this scale to use as a more portable option we were needing for our business. It has held up great so far we use it to weight ferrous and non ferrous metals and has helped us tremendously it was easy to set up and has already weighed a lot of scrap iron. I love how portable it is and how light it is to carry and store in our vehicles and shop. Definitely worth the money.
Packgoats Packgoats
Great Scale!
I bought this scale to weigh my packgoats and it works great! There is a compartment on the bottom of the scale where the screw-in feet, handle and corded display screen are found. All of the parts were there including the screws to mount the handle. I love the corded display that has an attached stand to angle it for easy viewing. I had trouble getting the handle to tighten down and it came loose the first few times I tried to use it. I think I have it tightened ok now but I don't trust it so won't use it. The size and weight of the scale make it easy to move.
shoemo shoemo
scale for weighing car parts
Works great in the shop to weight larger car parts
Rottihous Rottihous
Great scale
This is a very nice scale, great price and very good quality. We use it for our dogs and the lambs. Great for keeping track of the weight of 4H market lambs.
Shelley11 Shelley11
So far, good scale for the price.
We just bought a new digital scale last year (but a different brand). Over the winter, the wiring came loose in the previous "new" scale & we needed to weigh some lambs that we had for sale, so we needed to make an immediate purchase due to time commitments. This scale arrived on time and in good condition. The scale seems to be accurate, and the monitor is easy to read. The drawback is that the monitor is plastic and attached to the scale with a fairly flimsy, short spiral cord. The monitor can't be moved very far away from the scale when the animals are on the scale. We had to always be cautious of keeping the moving animals away from the monitor. It would be much better if the cord was longer and the monitor could be away from all the "action". It is also slightly bulky to move, but it is still comparatively lightweight. Other than that, we are pleased so far. We hope the wiring on this scale stays in place and lasts longer than the last one!
Thomas Brown Thomas Brown
Works great
Quick and easy to use. We tried it multiple times in a row and got the same weight every time. Easy with dogs, a bit more patience required with the cats but it is large enough to place a cat carrier on.
700lbs Digital Livestock Vet Scale Lcd Athlete Scale Large Pet Warehouse 700lbs Digital Livestock Vet Scale Lcd Athlete Scale Large Pet Warehouse
Scott Smith Scott Smith
good product
Megan Y Megan Y
Perfect scale
Got this for my daughter who raise lambs for 4H? Works great so far.
Howard Evans Howard Evans
Great, easy and super cheap
I can't use most scales because the platforms are too narrow to accommodate my heavily bandaged foot. I looked for months for that one I could use, but all were $1000-$4000. Then I saw this one for $177. It was easy to unpack, very easy to set up use. I love it. It's big enough that I can even fit on the platform with my walker and the tare function lets me deduct the walker's weight before I even get on. It's big enough for our 105 pound mastiff to stand on easily. I recommend it highly.
David Dotson David Dotson
Great product
Right out of the box this scale was perfectly calibrated. Not to heavy to move around. The main surface is tough and easy to clean. I only have one recommendation for improvement. There should be a to attach the controls to the main body when moving.

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