Customer Reviews

California Girl California Girl
Does what it is supposed to
I actually purchased this fence to keep my dogs off the area where I planted grass. I anchored mine in the dirt, which to me, doesn't seem as sturdy as it would be if it was in cement.It does the job that I purchased it for, and that is all that matters.I will say that the latch is pretty difficult to unhook. So, if you were to use this as a pool security fence, as long as they don't try to climb, you are golden.
MightyMouse59 MightyMouse59
Great Product
I have an existing pool fence but one of the areas broke due to an accident. I kept looking for a replacement fence but a lot of the models had the stake type of bottom piece. This was the only one that continue the same diameter of the pole. It was a perfect fit with my existing fence. The new inserts were also a lot better and the new poles were a lot sturdier. My old fence was made of fiberglass where these new poles are a hard plastic.
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