Sherrill Sherrill
Blue 10 L
Mini Frig
The unit arrived very fast and I could tell it was cooling within 30 minutes. It is a good size and light weight. The liquids in the fridge are nice and cold. The only issue I have is after 5 days of use, you are supposed to turn it off for 2 hours. Since the unit is at the Nursing Home in my mother's room, I can't see remembering to do that on the visits. I will not remember to turn it back on. This is quite an inconvenience and I would not have purchased had I known . I wish that had been shared in the advertising of the item. Other than that, it appears to be a really nice little fridge.
Marianne Marianne
Good product
Temp is good. I use it for skin care products. It's a little on the lauder then I would have liked but not bothersome. Would buy it again.

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