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Barbara L. Barbara L.
Safety was the key for us.
Every year during the summer we have our grans for a week ranging from 4-13. We wanted a zip line but safety was the utmost importance. We were overly impressed. Paid a little more for the safety features on this unit but it was worth every penny. It was a big hit with the grands and due to the weight limit, we will uses it for many years. Totally satisfied customer and highly recommend to any buyer.
Mr. Miniatures  Models Mr. Miniatures  Models
Easy to setup and with all the safety attachments
Great product and great price.
joseph joseph
Super high quality - super fun
What a great product. I've been looking around for one of these for a while after seeing something similar in a neighbors yard but I've been hesitant because theirs didn't look like it was very high quality. I'm glad I chose this one because I can tell the materials used are very high quality and will not only last a very long time and withstand the elements, but more importantly will be safe for the kids. My boys love it. It's the new favorite thing to do and will be for a while. Super glad I decided to purchase this and would definitely recommend!
ColoradoanNotaNative ColoradoanNotaNative
My kids love it! Must have for camping!
I bought this Zip line kit after a friend recommended it, and this last weekend I was DAD OF THE YEAR! We love to camp up in the trees, and this zip line was quick and simple to set up and it kept my 3 kids occupied for hours!! Obviously, you can be a bit 'irresponsible' with where you choose to set this up, and I certainly don't recommend that. We just set it up near our campsite on ground with a very slight pitch, and if the kids were to fall (which they did not) it was barely a foot or two to the ground. But I'm seriously impressed with the quality of this gear. I have no doubts about the stitching quality or the pulleys.... all very solid! I'll be recommending this zip line to our other friends and looking for more items from these guys!
Daphane Carroll Daphane Carroll
Stop now
I consider myself an experienced zip line caretaker! We bought a zipline kit for our house about 2 years ago. Myself and a friend installed it and it was quite the ordeal.....we have since needed to tighten and again it was pain - that's when we decided it was time for another solution. Enter this kit. It is SO much better than our previous experiences, this company thought of it all. It was so much easier to install because of the quality of the parts and the included tension ratchet. We instaledl this kit across a 130ft distance in about 25 mins, most of this time was me taking my time climbing the ladder on the taller end (I am a wimp). The quality of the parts continues to shine when you see the rope, seat and included harness. Whoever put this kit tougher really took their time and did the research, everything that was wrong with our other kit was a breeze with this kit. Once everything was up and running the kids spent 2 hours non stop screaming on the ride. Nothing sagged, brake works better than the rubber s brakes on the other kits. I had one final surprise up my sleeve when the sun went down and I turned on the LED lights on the trolley - it was like I had delivered a whole new present to the kids! We lit up the trees at either end with flashlights and the kids rode the 'spaceship' in the dark - the screams of joy continued long after the sun went down. Overall I am now considered father of the year and that's mostly thanks to this kit. If you are looking for a zipline kit - look no further, buy this, install it and sit bk and watch the kids enjoy themselves.
Martin Lavoie Martin Lavoie
Kids loved it!
I really liked this kit. It had everything we needed to set up a zip line for our kids. I appreciated that the instructions were complete, well written and easy to understand.
Jerry MC Jerry MC
So fun!!
My kids have LOVED this zipline!! The set up was fairly easy. The toughest part was getting the zipline tight. But overall it was a great set up! Such a fun addition to our big backyard!
The Ronin The Ronin
The best zipline!
We have been looking for a simple, yet complete zipline kit for our home and something we can take on the road as we travel. This is it! Easy to assemble and so much fun! Look no further, this is the zipline kit you want.
Rus Wallden Rus Wallden
Love this product!!!!
This kit is amazing and extremely entertaining for the kiddos! I would highly recommend this company and brand if your looking for some outdoor/backyard fun. Instructions are clear and easy to understand. Our 5 kiddos give this 5 STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dakota Dakota
What an amazing kit! I am a mom of two boys and we are always talking about ziplining! This is the perfect way to bring it home to you! This set has everything you need! It's fun for the whole family!
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