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Customer Reviews

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Carey Thaxton Carey Thaxton
Not a bad product only issue is with the thermometer pretty sure it was not working properly but overall nice , easy-to-use , and well made i recommend to anyone in the market
Nata Kidd Nata Kidd
Love it!!
Easy to use. Works great. Use for wine and water.
Mike Perseo Mike Perseo
Great product
Great product, highly recommend!
Ru-suey Chiang Ru-suey Chiang
Love it
Good price and very easy to use
Jesse Landis Jesse Landis
Still works well
Exactly what I wanted works great for the price
Jason S. Jason S.
30 L
The best still this hillbilly could have.
This product has exceeded my expectations. I am a got to see it to believe it kind of guy and let me tell you I have seen it used it and believe in it. I have made three different kinds of spirits and find myself amazed each time. I have used homemade distilleries in the past but never again.
30 L
For the money worth it!
So let's remember for the product you are paying for an hamburger not a steak dinner. This still will fill you up and get rid of your hunger but it's not fancy and doesn't have all the fixings. For the price it's worth it! For an entry level brewer/distiller it's perfect. Honestly it is about the same prices as building your own still but probably safer.Pros1)Good construction no dents, missing parts, or manufacturing Oops2)All in one! I have heard some hate on the idea of fermenting in your distilling pot but I tried it and it seems to be fine. Just don't run high heat when distilling. But for sanitation having everything in one pot and it stays in there is nice.3) All compression fittings! So I like that we don't have to worry about solvents and solder. Plus if something isn't sealed right I can fix it easier with a wrench rather than a blow torch.Con1) Doesn't work with induction! Easily fixed with a steel plate but still another step and makes it less efficient2) Condenser is onto of the still! So yes there is heating/cooling issues with this design. Think outside the box and swing the condenser to the side and put something under it for support. BOOM problem solved, thank you compression fittings!!3)Throw away junk! Throw away the airlock it's junk and buy a new. While your at it throw away the photocopied instruction and YouTube Barley and Hops Distilling. Throw away the hoses and buy new food-grade hoses (I'm just suspect of the ones supplied).
Keith Jones Keith Jones
30 L
Keith Jones really likes this product
This is a great buy for the money. It allows you to ease into the art of distilling without the large investment.
Boots Marshall Boots Marshall
30 L
Works great
Came just as advertised works great good value for the price.
MrLarry0001 MrLarry0001
30 L
Pretty nice set up.
This is a pretty nice setup. It was easy to use and worked well. I would distill water first to get an idea of temp readings to output volume.

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