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Sam Redden Sam Redden
Grate for Brandy
It is just right for what I intend to do.
Troy smith Troy smith
Dab tools
I think you have the best making devices to make live reson
Do not publicize my name and location, assholes!!! Do not publicize my name and location, assholes!!!
30 L
I had to finish engineering the product
The condenser only has 1 1/2 coils under water. Had to press the coils down farther, making sure it all runs down hill. Problem solved - works great. Water to condenser either runs dry or overflows. The pump they provide is useless. You need an inline pump to create a closed system where the level in the condenser always stays the same. I run my inline pump from an ice chest through copper coiled tube. My water level is always the same. I just set it and forget it. Cranking out 65% first run to 85% second run from a 2 pot still. Starting with 10-11% sugar wash. This is the best $100 investment I ever made. Moonshine makes great gifts.
Dennis Foster Dennis Foster
30 L
works great.
Ted Kiebke Ted Kiebke
Smooth whiskey
So easy to use and what dribbles is out is awesome!
Kole B. Kole B.
Cant find anything to complain about
Great for beginner's. If you want to start distilling as a hobbie I'd start here. This pot is easy to clean as easy to pack. I love it great product and would recommend it to anyone who is just starting in the distilling. KJB
K Y Beard K Y Beard
Ss still
This still works like a charm excellent product, i made essential oil and it came out perfect the still was actually early and arrived in perfect condition with all of the parts I will use this company again. K beard
Patrick Belcher Patrick Belcher
Great value. Patrick Belcher
Made very well. Patrick Belcher
DeanWesson DeanWesson
Great still bad worm
Great still. Worm is terrible.
Rusty Rusty
Very well-made
Extremely easy to use

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