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Keith Keith
For the price it’s perfect
For 85 bucks I really have no complaints. A few modifications and it’s really a fantastic little still. Obviously you don’t want your condenser sitting on the hot lid so a simple swivel and a stick took care of that. The only other negative is the thermometer that’s comes with. First off it reads to 400 degrees. Steam only gets to 212 at sea level. 400 is much too large a range to take accurate readings. Also the thermometer threads rusted after one use. So I chucked it and replaced with a 220 degrees stainless version
Gerd Gerd
Great for personal use
You got to run water or vinegar for the first run. Other than that I've got no complaints from myself or others that tasted what it produces. Great product for price
Geraldine Geraldine
Great price for a great product.
Great still for my virgin voyage. Was way thicker than I expected given the price and the gaskets were great. I opted to not use the thumper and it all worked out great. Definitely worth every penny.
Aletheatianna Aletheatianna
My friend loves it
Got this as a wedding present for a friend and he's been putting it to great work!
Georgia Georgia
Nice little set up!
Perfect for what my husband wanted to use it for!
Gerda Gerda
works great!
Still learning how to use it but like it so far
Donetta Fuentes Donetta Fuentes
It worked fine on a Nuwave Precision Induction Top.
Love this still, it works great, Easy to setup and to clean afterwards. I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to learn how to distill.
Easy to use
No quality complaints or anything and some very good product has come out of it.
Germaine Germaine
It does the job
As long as you have a basic understanding of the distilling process this rig is pretty alright. I'm about ten times in and no complaints yet
Georgina Georgina
12 L
This thing looks awesome. Need a video link or something to help with set up. Tons of knowledge to get this going.

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