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P. Richard P. Richard
Actual user report
I do police escorts in my POV, and I needed another siren, so I decided to try this one because it looked cool, had 400 watts of sound, was under $100, and offered sound & lighting control via wireless remote.INSTALLATION - I followed the directions and decided to place the unit under the back seat of my 2012 Silverado. I mounted the speakers and connected the wires as described; the sound was perfect. However the connection for the lights, did not work. I tried messing with the light wires for over an hour, and the unit would not operate the lights. I had to connect my strobes to a separate toggle switch and the others go to a multi port cigarette lighter plug.OPERATION- Unit operates good for the most part. It puts out a lot of sound. There is NO way to adjust the sound for the microphone, which sucks, because I often need this feature to communicate with the public. Also, when running code 3, if siren is going in YELP and I push the air horn, it will turn off all sound. Battery on remote is rechargeable and last a few weeks between charges. Remote distance is impressive, I can be in my house and operate unit
Bernard C. Bernard C.
Excellent !
Excellent quality and easy to install
Frankly Frankly
Works great
Easy install, good sounds and quality. The speaker is definitely heavy duty compared to many
murphy l. murphy l.
Great deal
Had a 200W unit. Not loud enough. Unplugged 200W unit. Plugged in 400W unit, using same power wiring.Installed the two new speakers. Took remote from 200W unit out of case, put remote from 400W unit in case turned on. Viola. Easy peasy . Still not totally satisfied with the PA, but better than the 200W. That's why I gave it 4 stars.
C. Dixon C. Dixon
Holy spit these things are LOUD
I put this on a car without a horn so I would have one, Jesus Christ. It’s so loud. I have another PA system from lamphaus on Amazon and it’s great but no where near as loud. The little wireless remote is a nice touch too. The microphone option is “o.k.” It doesn’t come through as clear as I would like compared to my wired mic on my other PA system but it does ok. I really like this one, and loud, holy moose is it loud.
Jblack66 Jblack66
Perfect for work and play
I use this product for emergencies at work and also for warning signals also to communicate with workers outside my vehicle on turnpike
Haley stone Haley stone
I love it
I love it it was easy to put in
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
Easy to install
The instructions or a joke can not put the light with the Hon if you do the Hon sticks on and you have to unplug it to make it stop the pa on it is very bad you can't here nothing but static would send it back but it was a b---- to put in the grill just don't think it a good item
James m. James m.
Love the wireless controler
It was very easy to install I can’t say it enough just follow the instructions and you can’t go wrong my 10 year old daughter helped me and she did most of the workJim
Yohery Perez Raygoza Yohery Perez Raygoza
Excelente producto
Excelente producto

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