Customer Reviews

Wayne T. Wayne T.
Good value for the price
Like everything about this versus the old plastic one I had. The only negative is the pressure hose is kinda cheap and was kinked right near the can. So i had to cut the kink out and re-attach it. The hose should be more durable and I think it will need replacing after moderate use.
Fred Black Fred Black
Good product
It is all out nice product. Works out well for what I was looking for.
Kimberlie Celenski Kimberlie Celenski
Quality is everything!
Nice product the only suggestion I could give would be to make a stronger hose that will not kink and add a flex coil at the base for added support.
Good quality construction stainless and copper
Not sure of longevity- but pressure seals well. I should have got two gallon. Dials work, sprayer works. Has annoying lock that triggers easy- causes me to overspray a lot, but solid construction.
Dave Dave
Sprayer is good!
This sprayer is much nicer than those cheap plastic jobs! Only complaint is the flimsy hose that kinks easily. I replaced the hose right away and added a schraeder tire fitting to allow pressurizing the tank with my air compressor saving the effort of pumping up the pressure by hand.
Mc13 Mc13
8 L
Construction and operation
I just acquired this product and immediately put it to use in my POISON IVY IRRADICATION! WHA HA HA HA!!! DIE YOU EVIL PLANT! Ok but seriously. I was skeptical about spending the money and after the 1st use I was impressed. You can adjust the tip for a mist spray or a direct spray. With the direct spray also has good distance on it. So I will update again after a month of use. When I first started going after the plant infestation I have. I bought the round up pump sprayer. It worked well but the wand began springing leaks from my vinegar mixture. Then I tried the cheap Home Desperate sprayer but it had no out put and the pressure relief valve was nothing but a leak. So I decided upon stainless steel and found this product. I like it.
Luckner Aristide Luckner Aristide
It's perfect, simple, solid and i do a test with verry verry satisfy product equipement
Dee S Dee S
The first one I received leaked but was replaced The replacemet works great
Bryan D Wofford Bryan D Wofford
Decent but not the best
The pump is a little tricky to get out of the canister and the hose is not the best material. It tends to kink cutting off the flow of liquid.The major set back is the auto lock which if you are not prepared for and are using it for painting textures will mess up the project.
tee tee
hate the hose love the sprayer
used it several times no problems like the gauge hate the sub par hose replace that 4 stars
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