Hiroku-hiroku Hiroku-hiroku
Used one of these to remove an oil filter from a 1995 Dodge Caravan. Seriously the thing had a pentastar engine that would not die and to prove it the owner clocked 294,000 miles without an oil change. It changed it'self after a while. We thought about cutting it off with a torch but nah, too messy. Placed this on the base of the filter. The chain wrench and a four foot long pipe for leverage. Worked like a charm.
Bill Bill
Only one problem
This is a rugged and well performing tool. However, on receipt mine was almost impossible to actuate. No amount of oil would free it up. Turns out the tension was set too tight at the factory. I removed the small keeper bolt on the head and removed the thin plate that holds the tension bolts in place. The tension bolts were loosened a bit and the plate re-installed.Works great now. This is a good value.
ManWithPlan05 ManWithPlan05
Second wrench was perfect!
The first pipe wrench was defective. I returned it for exchange. Easy to return at UPS store. Replacement arrived on time and works great! Good product.

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