Customer Reviews

Brenda Vawter Brenda Vawter
Easy set up.
Painting old gas pumps, didn't have anyplace to do it, this is just what was needed.
Wayne novy Wayne novy
They were very helpful at Happybuy.
I like how portable this is. Use it then put it away.
Haley Haley
well worth it
This item is easy to use and install. It is definitely worth the money and time.
Don Cascio Don Cascio
This spray booth is large enough to spray an entire car.
This inflatable booth is BIG . Make sure you have enough room to use it. The best thing is that you can put a car in it and don't have to worry about backing into a wall while painting. You can get completely around the whole car without moving anything with room for other parts to be painted as well. Also , you can lift up your project to get at the lowest sections and still have plenty of room on top. Air flow across painted surfaces is ok but not great. I am going to use a larger fan for that next time. The fan that inflates the booth is great.
Yeomans Yeomans
Good Product but needs an side draft
The unit is good as intended but it would be nice to have an option to attach a blower to the side filters to suck the air out of the booth for better air flow and contaminant control.
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
Get the Job done, get your business off the ground.
That's a little tailgating 8'x8' aluminum canopy tent I set up to keep my drying racks inside without needing to keep the fans running and the booth inflated. Also put one on the back to cover the fans in rain storms. It also guarantees I can dry my sprayed pieces even when it starts to rain. Keeping the booth inflated with positive air pressure keeps 99% of the rain out, however condensation can cause some dripping from the ceiling in a heavy downpour. But you can still get the job done in the rain, in this inflatable booth!My buddy was stubborn and wanted to buy a different style inflatable booth than the one I got here.... His booth is terrible! Lol! I feel like I got lucky! I shopped around looking at all different sizes and makers, and I am glad I got this big one!Having sprayed in a commercial booth, this is not the booth you dream of working out of your entire career. But the extraction is adequate enough to produce a fine finish and the space is big enough to handle a lot of work at once.
VEVOR 20x10x8Ft Inflatable Spray Booth Custom Tent Paint Booth Inflatable VEVOR 20x10x8Ft Inflatable Spray Booth Custom Tent Paint Booth Inflatable
cira v. cira v.
Great starter booth well built and replaceable filters
We run a small growing manufacturing operation and needed a paint booth. After looking at solid construction booths for thousands and then came across this booth. I built a frame to hold it up for prepping and installed lighting then hit the switch and this booth brings in fresh air through carbon filters in the air duct above and carries the fumes out through the large replaceable filters on the sides. I also attached a filter on the blower motor as well. We are happy with this product and price. Don't hesitate it works great and will get the job done.
Jim Kellogg Jim Kellogg
8 x 4.5 x 3 m
Happy would buy again.
I was searching for plans to build a spray tent and discovered these. I have a large Hangar and wanted something portable to spray in so that I did not get overspray on other things in the hangar. The setup was easy and tear down only took about 15 minutes. I did change it a bit to put an EP exhaust fan in the small door and used the filters to filter incoming air. This got the fumes out the hangar since I was painting in the winter. Great product
Jhenna R. Jhenna R.
Just what we needed!
We are a small shop with a hydrodipper and we needed something to paint small items in with it's own filter system. This is working amazing. When we need it we blow it up and when we don't it deflates back in the corner and doesn't take up any room. The price is right and we would recommend to anyone!!JR
Raeline willemen Raeline willemen
Does great
Shipping didn't take that long, and the booth works pretty well. Only used it for a few days so far, but
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