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Rosa Villa Rosa Villa
Excellent equipment, lighter and cheaper than the K-50 Ridgid
When I received the equipment I had difficulty with its operation with one of its sprockets but when I contacted the manufacturer they immediately sent me the replacement part and it is working perfectly. they have very good customer service
Did the job
Worked well out of box on 60 foot clogged garden/lawn drain pipe. Only used once so far, seems sturdy. Fairly intuitive but no instructions in box. YouTube helpful.
Michael Feller Michael Feller
Great price, easy to use lots of attachments easy to carry.
At first I bought a self-feeding snake for $395.- this thing was so heavy I was unable to lift it in and out of my truck never mind carrying it onto a roof to get into the service pipe ! I had to return it!Then I found the Mophorn 3/4 sectional drain clean out. The best thing I ever bought!!! Here is why! First of all the parts that come with it. The sectional 3/4 spool, easy to connect and disconnect, then the different cutting and penetrating attachments are more then on other sets and also the extra 1/4 spool for smaller drain pipes .This is a awesome deal for the money and all sized so I was able to carry it up and down roofs with out putting myself in danger carrying to heavy of a load .Thanh you. Michael Feller
Gregory Johnson Gregory Johnson
Machine is self feeding
This machine has great power when it come to stubborn blocked drain lines. The machines comes with several different cable head and very strong cable. I love this machine, it gets the job done.
Mark Carter Mark Carter
A little harder to use the automatic feed, but the price made it worth it. It still cleaned my drain and I'm happy
Janny Janny
It does work
Hafter waiting 5 hours for a plumber that didn't show up I decided to used and I was successful... I'm not gonna lie... I did underestimated this machine, I was wrong. It worked perfectly. Is one of those tools that you say... can't wait to use it again.
David Humphrey David Humphrey
Good product, bad instructions
The machining for the threads of the legs was horrible and I needed to spend time cleaning up those threads just to screw the legs in, but the instructions were not clear on how to you. Use the larger snakes, but the product works well once you figure out how to use it and get it assembled.
George Nevis George Nevis
Amazing value for money for occassional jobs
It helped to remove an approx 30' root from our sewage pipe so 5 stars for that.However, this is really only for occasional jobs. I'm not sure how long it will last.Anyway, it has already paid off just using it for one job.
Russ Russ
WOW! What a difference this 250W power drain snake makes in clearing out a drain, as opposed to the old hand-crank method. I had been working on a washing machine drain for several days, trying to clear the drain, and this Vevor 250W drain cleaner got the job done in less than an hour, wish I had known about these products 30 years ago. There is one thing that I would caution perspective buyers about this drain cleaner, the cleaner heads are too big to go around the fittings in 1 and 1/4 " drainpipes, however, I finally figured out what the short drain cable was for that was wrapped up in the spool with the 2 long cables, that's the one you have to use first to clear out long sections of drainpipe. I highly recommend this drain cleaner tool to anyone who wants to save money, it will pay for itself after only 1 use, plus you will have your drain opened before a plumber can get to your home.
Happy boss Happy boss
Program Director
It absolutely does the job and is a great price! My maintenance crew was able to tackle a problem in 1 day that often took multiple calls to experts to deal with.

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