Customer Reviews

Roy Beam Roy Beam
Heavy Duty steel
I think this edging will last longer than my house! Very good heavy duty quality.
Small Water Wall
Used this to make a small water wall around my pool equipment. I got all but one seem perfectly overlapped. I will need to fill that
What a fabulous item! These are 10 time easier to use than my previous garden border lines. Just pound them in and they stay. The steel is just the right thickness to bend but stay strong. I purchased two sets because the first was so good. I highly recommend!
Jeanie Graves Jeanie Graves
Sturdy and simple to install
I am a small woman and I am able to handle these steel sections easily. The clips included hide where the sections meet which is nice. They are weathering and looking good in place.
Sheri Miller Sheri Miller
This edging is VERY heavy duty. It works well as long as you do not hit a rock when pounding in. The only complaint I have is that there is a slight BOW to the metal that I can't get rid of, so my installed edging line is not straight.
kate kate
This is a heavy duty, sturdy edging. Beautiful once installed, slightly difficult to install since the ground has to be soft but totally worth it.
Ronald Drake Ronald Drake
6 inch Steel Landscape Edging
I bought the 6 inch edging to make a border to put mexican beach pebbles in. Worked out perfect. It is thick metal and easy to install although I did make a jig to make sure I could get it perfectly straight. Had to cut the last piece and turned the cut side so the clip would hide the cut. Would definitely buy again.
Julie Nolan Julie Nolan
Love this product
Works really well! For me I found it best to attach a string of 48
David L Watkins David L Watkins
Beat my expectations
Packaging was great, instructions clear, product as advertised if not better, easy to put in. Also appreciate the different depths. Will be purchasing again later this summer when next area is prepped!
tom janopoulos tom janopoulos
Great retaining wall product
These panels worked great! They are easy to work with, heavy duty and accomplished what I needed.
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