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Ernie Field Ernie Field
My start into Hydrophonics
I am new to gardening and wanted something I could do inside away from the bugs and I fell in love with watching videos of how fast crops grow in a hydroponics system. I don
dlang4d66 dlang4d66
Proper assembly is important
A good project if you are moderately capable of assembly. The best way to tackle this is to start at the bottom and work up through the layers paying careful attention to plug location on the way up. You must tap the joints together solidly to avoid leakage after assembly. There is a small mallet provided but a good mallet or a wood block and hammer would be much better. I ran this unit continuously for more than 12 hours after assembly and had no leaks. If you were to go out and purchase the materials to build your own, you would spend at a minimum $150 so I believe it is a good value. Had there been some useful assembly instructions, I would give it a 5 rating. For some reason Amazon markets so many Chinese products which typically have zero instructions.
Stephen M. Stephen M.
36 1 Layer
Do not use the stand without modifications
Everything is great except for the stand. The system will not drain correctly without sloping each tube. Once you permanently seal each end (once you have the correct drain angle) you can modify the stand. I put this in a grow tent, but plan on moving it outside once the weather gets better. Overall I am very satisfied and now have a model so that I can make my own as needed. You can grow anything and transplant if it outgrows the system.
lisa mcglynn lisa mcglynn
Follow instructions carefully.
Well, this was a lot of fun to out together until I put it together backwards..2nd time not so fun..but..finally got it up and running. No leaks. Drainage tube wasn't long enough so I improvised..woke up to a very wet basement the next day ( totally my fault) bought a proper tube, used the handy pipe tape provided in the problems since! Can't wait to start growing stuff. I would by again.
Dr. Michael Ruscio Dr. Michael Ruscio
Hydroponics Project
Likes: ease of assembly, all parts in the box and the nice look of final assembly.
Bye P. Bye P.
Use plumbers cement
It leaked a little after setting it up for a test run. Just make sure you use plumbers cement to hold it together and prevent leaks.
jeff johnson jeff johnson
36 1 Layer
getting ready to get it going
Truett O Yarbrough Truett O Yarbrough
Works great but missing timer pump
This thing is great. Lots of plants with a wonderful taste you won’t get in a store bought vegetables.Did not come with the timer controlled pump. I had to buy that extra.All in all not bad.
Kambarteski Kambarteski
Can't rush the process....
I'm in love with this system,my Red Lettuce taste so good. If it came with a filter it would be perfect. I would definitely recommend!!!!!! As long as you follow the steps it works. Can't rush it. Once it gets started it jumps in size fast. Plenty of salad all the time. Can't get any herbs to take as of yet....
PracticalJones PracticalJones
Pump is undersized and assembly instructions could use help.
I had to put this together twice to get it right. The instructions are ok, but since the parts are not labeled, it is really difficult to tell what part is supposed to go where until you assemble it wrong once. The pump worked fine when there were no roots in the tubes, but as soon as the plants started to significantly grow, the roots blocked the water flow and there became dry areas in the structure. I bought a stronger pump on Amazon and it immediately solved the problem. Now there is plenty of water flow again for all the plants.
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