Customer Reviews

tuff tuff
this is a great tool but it needs more instructions and away to buy new grinding wheels and spare parts
Mack Benson Mack Benson
Can sharpen a verity blade diameters.
The dovetail was a little lose. But know problems.
Patrick McQuillan Patrick McQuillan
Vegor model. Jmy8-70
I need a new grinding wheel mine broke the first day but I do like the machine please inform me on how to get one or send a new one I am happy to pay
Jeff Jeff
Great buy
Takes a little time to get setup but once you do it a couple time it’s not big deal. Works great and my blades are good as new.One more time sharpening my blade and the unit is paid off. It’s worst every penny
val_ksjnxpqma val_ksjnxpqma
Excellent Quality, arbor adapters are not US size
It is an excellent grinder of high quality. Very heavy cast iron base, pedestal and housing; heavy steel arm. Plastic wheel on arm is ok. Excellent and quiet motor. Operation instructions are poor, actually a good laugh. Just go on you tube for instructions from other users. The saw blade arbor adapters are metric and none fit US arbor sizes. I was able to file down the smallest one to 5/8 arbor. I used JB weld to build up another adapter to 1". Will look for properly fitting arbor adapters. Before purchase I asked a couple sellers (don't remember if same as one I purchased from) about arbor adapters, did not get any responses.
racerat33 racerat33
Blade sharpener
Works well good value
Carlos D. Carlos D.
Funciona perfecto
Muy buena herramienta, funciona perfectamente y permite re utilizar muchas veces discos que antes desperdiciábamos
Dennis H. Dennis H.
Worth the cost
Was easy to use. Did go to YouTube for input before purchasing. Was able to sharpen all of my saw blades in one afternoon.
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