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Stephen Stephen
Percussion or melody? Here’s a taste of each.
It has a beautiful tone and really opens the imagination of any musician regardless of age/experience and background. Ultimate teaching tool for young students that are unsure if they want to focus on melody or percussion.
Molly Cross Molly Cross
Exactly what I wanted!!
It was a gift for my sister she absolutely loved it!
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Great little drum!
I absolutely live the sound of this drum. Light almost ethereal... love it!! Would make a fresh gift for many situations! Kids, because it's a softer tone and not so loud. The spiritual community because we love sound vibrations and this little drum vibrates the floor around. And, anyone who loves music/musical instruments. Great value in my opinion.
Britny Hodroff Britny Hodroff
Great gift for people of all ages.
A fun instrument that goes surprisingly well with a myriad of other instruments. Thickness of this Steel Tongue Drum is decent, but seems it could be better.All in all pleased with this item.
Teara McGinn Teara McGinn
beautiful sound
the sound is so beautiful and soothing. Great instrument for kids because there's really no way for it to sound bad.
george polesky george polesky
Steel tongue drum
Shipping was very expedient, I just got it today.. I absolutely love it. Great purchase, it's so soothing; and really can let your inner musical creations come to life.You will be very happy. I am.
Awesome Sound
Everyone in our home loves to play this drum! Given as a gift to our 11 year old daughter. Wish it had more songs in the song book or a site to find more songs. Great product!
Krista Summers Krista Summers
Soothing sounds, but why no note stickers?
This drum sounds lovely! Clear, soothing tones. Each tongue has a numbered sticker that is meaningless to me. Included are strips of equally meaningless numbered stickers. 1,2,3, three with a dot above it, 4,5,6,7, seven with a dot beneath it, etc.Why not musical notes? I'm using a tuner app to figure out what the tones are so we can tap out songs. Each tongue is adjustable for tuning, which is nice.That said, it sounds beautiful even when you tap randomly. The mallets are nice and bouncy, and you even get 4 little finger pads to play it that way. The metal has a nice hammered finish and is a good thickness, not flimsy.This is a nice, mid-sized and mid-priced tonal drum. Good value for what I paid. It doesn't feel "cheap", and none of the notes buzz or rattle.
Malinda Kinney Malinda Kinney
Sounds so beautiful
My son absolutely loves this drum.
LaYogaGirl LaYogaGirl
Nice sound and easy to play
The sound is very nice, and it’s easy to play.

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