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Katlyn Lyons Katlyn Lyons
Overall, I'm pleased with it and I would recommend it.
The extractor works great. It's fairly light so you will need to have it bolted down to something or it will almost wobble itself over. It doesn't spin particularly fast so plan on taking some time. Make sure to flip your frames to get the most honey out of your frames. Overall, I'm pleased with it and I would recommend it.Also, if you can put it on a pallet that is helpful so you can get a bucket under it or it's too short to stand a bucket up under it. Don't forget to have your cover open on the nozzle when you're extracting or you will whip your honey and have a lot of air in it.
Electric Honey Extractor 2/4 Frame Stainless Steel Beekeeping Equipment Drum Electric Honey Extractor 2/4 Frame Stainless Steel Beekeeping Equipment Drum
eric evans eric evans
make sure you have a balanced load to spin.
The motor slows down very quickly if you don't keep the honey gate open. It needs to be at a slight angle to get the honey flowing out of the valve. It is a huge improvement from my 2 frame hand crank extractor! I recommend it for the price due to the amount of time saved.
catherine hugues catherine hugues
Honey Extractor
I gave this as a gift. When my son opened the box it had a dent in the side. He did bang it out and it works. The box was intact when we got it and it was packed securely so not sure why it was dented. Now we need to wait for the honey to be ready to use it.
Inacio Inacio
3 frames
Assembly aside, great machine!
Really great machine, however took one star off because it took about a week or so to get the machine built. Package came missing screws and the motor was uncounted at first. Once screws were purchased and machine was put together it ran well. Put this up on a wood base or else the 5gallon bucket would not fit under it, works great!
Keith Keith
but so far it works good..
had to do some minor adjustments to it . the manufacture messed up . but so far it works good ..
Venus Woods Venus Woods
3 frames
Electric Honey Extractor 3/6 Frame Stainless Steel Beekeeping Equipment 120w
Tawnae Tawnae
3 frames
4 frame eletric spinner
The spinner came in. Was stupid easy to put together don
Zindel Zindel
Great for the money.
Extractor works great. I did end up having to buy bolts for the legs as they were not in the box. It did have a small dent in it from shipping but didn't affect it.The top is quite difficult to get off/on due to the way its mounted. Not the end of the world.
Trever Landess Trever Landess
3 frames
It works well
We are relatively novice bee keepers (two years). This extractor worked exactly as it was supposed to with minimal effort on our part. As you would expect, since this is basically a pretty good size centrifuge, it must be bolted down or it will "walk" and become very unsteady. Initially, we mounted it on a single board about three feet square. That did not work. We then mounted it to 2x6s about five feet long in a V shape and stood on the ends of the boards. This worked perfectly. It took about 10 minutes to extract the honey from the two frames after the cells were opened.
LeRoy Wackerle LeRoy Wackerle
VEVOR 4/8 Extractor
This is a great tool. It performed very nicely. It needs a stabilizer holder for the frames in the center to hold frames in place. Minor change. Also a bottom mounted drain would be an excellent modification.
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