Customer Reviews

Patrick McDonnell Patrick McDonnell
Great value. 1/3 the cost of other similar fluid transfer systems . All the special model specific fittings that you can imagine. I used for Mercedes-Benz. Really moves the fluid fast. Pump handle assembly was missing, but customer service was very responsive by email. Customer service phone number was not being answered. Might have been time zone related. They resolved the missing parts quickly. Great experience. I would recommend as best solution for transmission service of all vehicle make and models.
Les Smith Jr Les Smith Jr
My Jeep Ruby.
don't know what the handle device (small end/larger end) is for. no instructions with this unit.
Steve Lyons Steve Lyons
works well
just what I was looking for.
Roger Hanson Roger Hanson
great tool
I've used many oil extractors, this one is the best.
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