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Kegerator Kegerator
Double Head Gray
Great price!
Great price! I looked at several brands and models before making this purchase. I was going into it assuming all the parts were cheap and in need of replacement. Had some foaming issues, so I lengthened the beer lines to 10 feet and swapped out the faucets with Perlicks, and I couldn't be happier! Fridge cools very quickly, fits 1 half barrel or 2 quarter (or sixth) barrels. Now I only have to buy beer once every couple months, rather than weekly. Does not come with CO2 tank or "keg tool" (to tighten the nut on the tower as well as tighten the faucet) so factor those prices in when you make your purchase, unless you already have them.10/10 would buy again
James Rose James Rose
Double Head Black
Second one is great
Our first was damaged in shipping. It took three weeks to finally get a new replacement kegerator the second one works great
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