louis santos louis santos
Great value for the money
Great item. Great value for the moneyLou
Mr. Joshua Mr. Joshua
Job Done
Core drilled my curb like a champ.Much nicer than a flakey patch.Way cheaper, faster, less headaches than hiring a guy with a rig, it only took about 30min & now I have a huge drill = Happy camper.The hose was useless though.. got a plastic adapter at the depot and zip tied it to help with the presure. I recomend adding a valve to the business end of your hose so you can manage the flow with-in reach of the drill.Good luck!
Biurton Biurton
Good machine and strong and easy to used
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Great value - Great drill
We purchased this to drill some 4" and 6" holes through 6 inch thick concrete. The drill tackled the job with no problem, i would definitely buy this brand again. we drilled over 100 holes and the drill held up great.ChuckA&S
Robert L Zerr Robert L Zerr
(Robert Zerr) Bought to bore through 10" Basement walls for a 4" diameter dryer vent.
I originally planned on renting a core drill but decided to try this one as it was cheaper to buy it than to rent one. It arrived in its own case with extra brushes and all the components needed to run it. I attached an 18" long and 4" in diameter bit to it and began to drill.I drilled from the outside in and was initially nervous that at some point the bit would catch and rip the drill out of my hands, but after it eventually caught I realized that this drill was designed so well that when the drill bit did catch it was a smooth stop and didn't jerk or rip it out of my hands.It took me about 2 hours taking breaks to rest to drill through the 10" of cement and rebar, the drill never got hot, never skipped a beat. I am very impressed with what you get for the price. I think this will be a tool I will have around for a long time and am confident it will work when I need it.I would buy from this company again without hesitation.
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
great drill
I have used this drill on 3 jobs. Two 2 1/2 cores and two 4 inch holes. Works very well especially for the price to comparable drills.
wideglide_07 wideglide_07
Originally said Do not waste your money/ but read update
Speed control on this thing has two on. Makes it almost impossible to start a hole where you want it and makes it very dangerous if the bit binds. After about 15 minutes of use the overload breaker on the thing trips almost immediately when power is applied and any pressure is applied to the bit. Barely made it through two 2 1/2 inch holes in 3 inch thick non reinforced concrete. Terrible item and definitely not worth the money. Use your money to rent a quality drill.Update: After communicating problems to seller they sent a replacement unit that seems to be free of the problems my original unit had. Have to say they made good on their product. Updated to four stars since they did respond promptly.
Dallas Dickerson Dallas Dickerson
working as expected
great value, should provide more brushes
Greg White Greg White
drills good
drilling concrete
J. Behr J. Behr
Appears to be a good value
Not sure how it will perform with a larger core drill, but handles the 1-1/4 diameter core drills I needed it for just fine.Be careful, you will need an adapter for many core drill bits as this machine comes with the larger 11/16" drive stem. The adapter will run you another $30 or so to use it with the 5/8" connection found on smaller core drill bits.

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