20 T Red
After unboxing, the hydraulic pump worked but the pneumatic motor did not. The diagram looked simple enough so I disassembled the air motor. The piston was very, very tight. I removed all the grease and cleaned the cylinder and piston, replaced with pneumatic oil, also primed the small pneumatic piston with oil, reassembled and then it worked. I didn't want to be bothered with returning the item. Pneumatic function is slower than expected at 150psi. Possibly because the factory air fitting is a larger diameter than what I have on all my other air tools.
John L Keim John L Keim
20 T Blue
I have back problem and with jack I was able to put it under the car hock up air line and it raise the car and I did not have to lay on the floor that was nice. I have a air tank I carry with me it will jack it up one time so aaaaaaaaaaai can kept in my truck.

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