Customer Reviews

Timothy Rogne Timothy Rogne
Working well as an XY positioning stage
Like others, it did take a request to customer service to obtain the correct build instructions, but the reply was fast with the correct support package emailed in less than 24 hours. The stepper motor drivers provide an adjustment for each axis which was needed to get the motors to operate smoothly, but I was quickly controlling with G-code and learning about GRBL settings (the GRBL_Settings_Pocket_Guide_Rev_B.pdf was a helpful find). I can't speak to the Windows S/W supplied, but the kit was a quick build and it works as I expected.
I paid $120... Great for the price.
Haven't really used it yet. But it came as described. Limited instructions on how to assemble it and use it but the type of person that should be buying this should be resourceful and a DIYer...If you're not the kind of person that likes learning and figuring stuff out, this isn't for you.This is for a True DIYer that is mechanically inclined and resourceful. And doesn't mind a little extra work to save more then 50% on the price
recardo matias recardo matias
Crap what this is
If you are not technically inclined.. don't buy. But if your are it's works it's a fun CnC machine to build. Just need to find design program that you don't have to convert the G- code. Otherwise they back the equipment.
Anand RK Anand RK
Got what I wanted
I wanted to have a xy plotter and I didn't want to spend time in ordering bits and pieces. Once I received the box I have contacted the seller and I got all the instructions to assemble the machine. It had a test file that worked well. Now there are no instructions on how to create more of such files. Anyway my use the case was to use is as a xy coordinate positioner. That served the purpose. The software can do that.
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