Tom Pavlovsky Tom Pavlovsky
RV Power Cord
Cord is a good value, the outer insulation is substantial, the end are HEAVY DUTY as they should be. Customer service was stellar and resolved a few issues. Alani is a super star I really appreciated her help!
Emery Strother Emery Strother
Emery S from West Texas likes this cord
I bought a new travel trailer and it came with a 25 foot cord for shore power. My 30 amp plug for my previous RV is 40 feet from where I park my trailer. This cord is not an extension cord but a while new cord to replace the 25 ft with 50 ft. No connection half way from my plug to the trailer, I liked that.The cord is heavy duty and the end plugs looked like they are strong and water tight, not sure if they are made to put in water but it has rained several days now with no problems.One the down side, the ring to screw onto the trailer to create a water tight and secure connection does not tighten up. I don't have an issue with that as I plan on using this power cord only when the trailer is at my house.I recommend you try this cord if you need the extra length.

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