Customer Reviews

Casey Garner Casey Garner
Co-owner Cole's Candy Creations
The machine came in in good condition, there is no temp display you have to learn the voltage to see where you need to be at to get a good cotton candy and not burnt. The spinning head is tilted its not vertically straight, assembly oversight. However, it is not tilted enough to hinder working functions. The machine functions a d creates cotton candy as it should, this is a great beginner machine or to have to do small functions. We got it to start my son's cotton candy business, the first real test will be May 14th at the local market. If his business does take off we will invest in a more commercial brand one, but it seems like it will work out well to begin. I do recommend buying the dome as sugar does tend to float around and keep the cotton candy from bugs and floating away, the plastic mesh liner is another purchase I recommend, the lid still fits with the clips, and the mesh provides an easier clean up.
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