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lauren s lauren s
Didn't come with instructions but was easy enough to set up. Would definitely recommend using it outside because without the cover, the cotton candy flies everywhere. Still lots of fun and works great.
Lane Whitehead Lane Whitehead
Great customer service!
We ordered this for Christmas and assembled the night before. A small wired had come unhooked but the customer service crew talked us through troubleshooting and repair in no time. Very responsive!
Jami Adams Jami Adams
Love it!!
Very easy to set up and very easy to use. They only thing I would do differently is buy the dome for this. It is not necessarily needed but It would help to minimize a mess. Would definitely purchase again. We love this machine. The stainless tub had a dent upon arrival but easily popped out. All in all we are satisfied with our purchase. I will be purchasing the dome attachment in the future.
Asia Asia
Buy this now
Deserves five stars, buy it
Karen A. Aldrich Karen A. Aldrich
Love this
So into cotton candy great machine easy to use
Justin Hardman Justin Hardman
Works like a champ
I saw several reviews about the machine not working after a couple uses, but I've used it about a dozen times so far and it works like a champ. My daughter really likes the idea that I can make cotton candy at will.**update** the fuse did go out after around 40 uses, but the fuse is $2.99 for a 5 pack, so honestly .50 cents every 40 uses could be worse.
Eddietaylor1 Eddietaylor1
Awsome product
I liked it because it's easy to clean and also it gets really fluffy. Only downside is the temperature varies
felisha smith felisha smith
Love it
My son is so happy

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