Rhi Vue Rhi Vue
Good product really.
I use it every week with legs. It's extremely easy to put together and it is very sturdy. My one and only thing is when it's on flat ground (concrete floor) by itself, it seems very slightly off on the one side so it has a very little sway on one side when you step. It doesn't hinder me doing what I need to because it's such a minor sway but I wanted to mention it just to make aware. I love it though. Worth the price in my opinion.
robby mann robby mann
good price for the home gym.
this is really good for the price. cap screws, washer nuts and and collapsed pieces ships better than a welded platform. i'm heavy enough on my own at 225, then grab a pair of 50lb dumbells. these stands work. make certain that you or someone you know tightens the bolts well. use some loctite if you need.

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