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Cher Fernandez Cher Fernandez
I overall love it!! Great judgment call. I never would have thought I found the perfect size and stainless steel to match my appliances, just by googling the search engine. Did I mention GREAT price!!
Bezoar Bezoar
Attractive, well designed 201 stainless steel table with casters.
Disclaimer: I received this product for no charge through the Vine program, but I must pay income tax on the retail value of the item.This is an attractive and well-designed stainless-steel table suitable for use in the kitchen, lab, or shop. Assembly was straightforward and took me about fifteen minutes. It did, however, take another fifteen minutes to peel off the protective film and clean off any residual adhesive. The shelves are held in place by set screws and the lower shelf height can be adjusted as desired. The rubber casters (two of which have brakes) roll easily, screw into place, and can be replaced by feet if you so choose. The entire table with casters weighs 33 lbs. and feels substantial. The table I received was flawless.The construction is entirely stainless steel except for the rubber/plastic casters and the wheel hardware which is made of ordinary steel. Per the Amazon listing, the stainless steel is non-magnetic 201 stainless steel. This is a lower cost, mid-grade stainless steel which is low in nickel, strong, relatively light in weight, but more prone to corrosion from saltwater than higher grade stainless steels such as 304 or 316.I am highly pleased with this table. The construction seems excellent, and the price is competitive with similar tables. If you plan to use the table in a corrosive or saltwater environment, you should look for a table made of a higher-grade steel such as 304 or 316.
CatCat CatCat
Great for indoor and outdoor use
Assembly was pretty straightforward but I did need a little help from my brother as I have issues with my wrists.It is as described. This table is SOLID! It's sturdy and can definitely handle significant weight. While I originally envisioned it outside for the grill, we've not put it outside quite yet given the inclement winter weather. In the meantime I have use it for veggie prep, making bread and pie dough. The cool temp of the stainless steel top was great for working with these doughs and super easy to clean. Now I want to rearrange the kitchen so I can keep it inside for daily use. For now, it's been relegated over to the laundry room but it works great there too for folding.It's a really nice, sturdy, functional table. Love it!
JasonM JasonM
Very heavy duty, easy to put together except for the protective film
I recently built an outdoor kitchen, but near the actual barbecues I do not have a lot of counter space. I decided to purchase the VEVOR stainless steel prep table because it looks like the perfect table to put near the barbecue. The table came in several pieces in a very large box. The assembly instructions were very clear, and putting the table together did not take terribly long. There was, however, a white sticky film on top of both table platforms that took quite a long time to peel off.Once the table is assembled, it's felt very solid. When building the table, you can choose the height you want for the bottom table. The bottom table is only held on by one screw per table leg and I do not feel very comfortable putting anything heavy on that bottom shelf. That said, the top feels indestructible and will withstand anything I would normally put on it. There are no wheels on the bottom, nor sticky rubber. However, the weight of the table will keep it firmly planted.The VEVOR stainless steel prep table was exactly what I needed to add just enough prep space for my outdoor kitchen.
ChristiJo ChristiJo
Nice Sturdy Table
I ordered the 24 x 18 size to use in our garage. Assembly took my husband just a few minutes. The table comes with adhesive plastic over all the surfaces to protect it from scratches during shipping. The leveling feet came in real handy, turns out our garage floor is not 100% level. This particular model does not come with casters, but you could easily add them.This is an exceptionally nice table, that is suitable for home or commercial use. This size is very versatile, I may order a second one for extra storage space in my kitchen pantry.
Cliff Tyler Cliff Tyler
This worked perfectly for my pizza oven on the deck. Only thing I think would make it better was if the metal was abut thicker.
High Desert Homestead High Desert Homestead
Sturdy and well made
This stainless steel prep table is easy to assemble. You have the option of using the included feet or the castors. 2 of the castors are locking castors. The shelf has an adjustable height. The most time consuming part is removing the protective film.It's very sturdy and well made. It works great in my outdoor kitchen as it's quick and easy to clean it up.
Wm. Coale Wm. Coale
This stainless steel prep/utility table is a beauty! It was easy to assemble, and provides the option of casters (2 locking) or adjustable feet. I opted for the casters, and was glad I did. This table is fairly heavy, and the casters make it a breeze to move around, and then lock in position with the two wheel locks.Assembly is very straightforward--a total of just 8 set screws (wrench provided). I think it took me longer to get the protective shrink wrap off than it did to assemble the cart and casters!This item is built for years and years of rugged use. I am totally impressed by the materials and workmanship. It'll most likely end up in my wood shop as a utility cart.
mcmichael mcmichael
Best investment
I searched months for perfect table, I decided this one was perfect and it was!!! Shipped to AK, no dents or scratches! Arrived perfect, easy assembly, 8 screws and washers (they even sent extra) 4 legs and bottom table with notches to fit leg in. So easy that this old lady did by myself in a jiffy. I bought for newly purchased pizza oven but want to order another one that’s lager one from same vendor, for other projects.
Patrick Patrick
Simple to assemble, not as sturdy as I thought it would be, but it’s okay. Only set back for me was one of the wheels was messed up and the bearings were falling out. Will have to replace the wheel. Other than that it is a overall good table

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