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Lori Lori
Awesome product. Bought two and converted my kitchen into a nice food processing center. I previously bought a 6 ft stainless 2 shelf bench for my basement for a food preservation system and it is equally very good.
Glenn A Klander Glenn A Klander
Great product. Quickly delivery, easy assembly, perfect for my tabletop bone saw. I ly drawback is removal of the protective cover. Took lo ger to remove that than assembly. Other than that, A Great Product
Candice Candice
Works Great
VEVOR Stainless Steel Prep Table, perfect for after smoking meat for the family i can easily transfer to shred or what ever i need to do. This is sturdy and easy to put together. I add all my sides and meats onto this than add to grill cleaning is simple and can put the cooked meat to shred and take inside. Great product highly recommend.
AverageGuyShopper AverageGuyShopper
Really sturdy table
High quality metal table. Casters were good quality. This table is similar to what a hospital would use, and they are rough with their stuff, so need durable rolling tables like this one. Easy to assemble. The only really annoying thing was getting the white protective sheet off the tops. It was a good idea to put it on (pristine surface underneath), but it was truly a major PITA. Probably spent more time trying to peel it off than assembling the table.
greys4me greys4me
this is the perfect size little table for my handicap ramp, and a little deck.
I have had this for a year now and it has been perfect sitting on my outdoor deck at the front of my door. Being in a wheelchair it’s the right heights for me to sit outside on nice days and lay a book or a drink on it. also delivery people can leave their package on it and I’m able to reach it since I have difficulty bending over to pick something up. Even after a year there is no rust.
Dee Dee
Looks good
Really like the looks of this. Bought it for my microwave and it's perfect. Very pleased with the quality.
Retired Susan Retired Susan
Beautiful and sturdy table
Easy to put together and I am a 68 yr old woman.In addition to the included Allen wrench I found a level to be very useful in getting the lower shelf just right. Also used a rubber mallet to get the thing-ma-jigs into the legs for the casters.No dents, no scratches, and perfect for my kitchen.One more tip: the film on the shelves was hard to get off until my son grabbed the hair blower out of the bathroom. A couple of passes on low heat and the film was off in five minutes.
Chelsea Roach Chelsea Roach
This is a great table for your kitchen or garage!
Beautiful shiny stainless steel table! Taller than a regular table, and it's heavy duty to say the least! Perfect as a workshop or kitchen island table. Huge, definitely a solid product and a great buy!
Mr. Smarty Pants Mr. Smarty Pants
Great table - heavy duty
This is exactly what doctor ordered to my basement workshop. I was looking for a table on casters that was heavy duty enough to handle my big bench grinder - this table fits the bill. It is heavy, and very sturdy, but is mobile. Two out of four casters have brakes. It also comes with normal legs in case you dont need to roll it. My only complain is that all stainless steel parts came wrapped in sticky plastic and it was a pain to remove it. Some sticky residue remained on shine parts. Will have to clean it somehow. On the bright side - it has zero scratches because everything was packed well. Lower shelf can be set at any level you like. I wanted it lower to have lower center of mass. Highly recommended if you need a stainless table.
Wuwuclan Wuwuclan
Incredible addition to my kitchen
My kitchen does not have a lot of space for prepping food and this table was the perfect addition. The bottom shelf is adjustable and good for placing some of my appliances. It weighs more than 40 lbs and is very sturdy for chopping and prepping food to protect my kitchen countertop. It came with caster wheels or adjustable levelers. I opted for the leveler since I will be using it indoor the most.

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