Customer Reviews

David Berger David Berger
This is a good beginner drum
The lowest and highest notes are quieter, but once you learn the right spot and force to hit them, the sound is satisfying all around. For the middle notes it is much easier to get a full sound. I honestly love this drum. I sit and play it every day. It really helps me relax and get in a meditative state. If you are looking for something with incredible perfect sound quality you should look at spending 2-3脳 more money. But for this price range it is a very good instrument. I will be saving up to get a real professional quality one next.
Jeanette Nelson Jeanette Nelson
Drum was medium quality and flat tones
Fortunately while it took some effort to record and okay the flat toned drum Ave it was hi eat about offering a partial refund. Not as easy as Amazon but they got it done. Unfortunately The quality of these products, apparently bass produced in China, was not what I expected.
Anthony Rexroat Anthony Rexroat
Great item
One of the notes had a off key sound but was easy to tune using YouTube video. Now it sounds and plays great. Very happy with this purchase.
Julie Julie
Very nice, but not well tuned, and will have to adjust a couple of the tongues.
Not well tuned, and will have to adjust a couple of the tongues.
delphiniumeve delphiniumeve
Fun and Easy
Still portable but large. Nice tones. Going to get a couple of song books. Price point was great. Can refine tuning if pitch is slightly off.
Julian Ho Julian Ho
not a bad @ all
every note is clear & loud except one......
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