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Steve L Steve L
It works great for extending my rain gutter spout
My rain gutter drains in a bad spot causing a river of rain water flooding too close to the house. I found the Vevor 4” hose that attached perfect to the PVC down spout fitting now it reverts the water the other direction to stop flood to close to the house. VEVOR has many great items to help home projects
Glenn Glenn
Space Coast Girl Space Coast Girl
Will not fit a 2" line
The reality is this will fit a 1.5" PVC coupling. I bought 2 inch PVC based on the description. I ended up taking a piece of the hose to Ace Hardware and they built me the couplings I needed to hook up to a trash pump. All of the fittings and PVC was 1.5 inch not 2.0 inch. Otherwise it served the purpose purchase for.
carolyn carolyn
Pool hose!
Worked very well to backwash our pool. Would recommend, has lasted all summer with no issues.
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
Does not fit 1-1/2" coupler
Did not fit 1-1/2" coupler until I used a hair dryer and manually stretched the end to fit. That was not fun with no easy outlets nearby!
Can be used for gutters run off. Will expand during rain and drain correctly
G. L. B. G. L. B.
Good and strong and fast delivery.
Longer than most offerings.
Nicholas P Senanes Nicholas P Senanes
Saving grace
Absolutely loved this product . I use it to backflush my swimming pool.I do attach a plastic flex hose first to my pump filter fitting and then attach this hose .This allows me to roll out this hose all the way to the storm drain .Excellent quality and does a great job.
Ralf H. Meyer Ralf H. Meyer
Better but not great
Needed a newer and longer discharge hose. Opted for this as it met my needs Only problem is it has a leak on the seam about 20 feet in. I don't blame the seller, but mfg. I can work around this by putting in a connector to join the two ends. Still happy with my purchase.
Michael Nicholas Michael Nicholas
Sturdy time will tell
Working great sturdy material

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