Britton Waldron Britton Waldron
More use will tell the tale
I ordered this 5 ton jack to use in my home shop. It was relatively easy to assemble, fortunately as no instructions are included. It does include some safety tips, some of which would have been nice to include in the sales information, example use only on the perimeter of the vehicle being lifted. During assembly I noted the two rest tabs for standing the jack, one was bent, likely during shipping as the box and safety instruction sheet was torn or worn. The handle attached nicely as do well the pressure fill and release. The 2 roll about wheels are either of poor quality, as in not round or weight during shipping deformed one of them. After assembly I gave the gas jack a test on my old Wrangler. The weight of the Jeep was not match for he lift capability. Time it takes to lift was exceptionally fast. I would suggest, from only a few test lifts, raise the vehicle slow, if the load on the jack is not well balanced, the load shifted. The Jeep being rather light, it took very little PSI to obtain lift. Jack Stands appear to be an essential safety item. I will be using the jack on my pick up & tractor soon which is more of the reason for the purchase. I hope it performs equally as well as it did in the test. If it works as well, i will raise the stars from the 3 to a 4. For the price, it is a buy.

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