Andrew Andrew
60 x 40 x 23 cm
Decent with a couple small issues
The cabinet is quite servicable, particularly for the price. Workmanship is good on the fiberglass, latches work well, solidly made. As my install is in a marine environment the fiberglass cabinet should serve well. The interior mounting plate is heavy guage metal that can support heavy components. Good as I need to mount a couple line reactors. The mounting tabs can be mounted pointing up, to the side, or out from the corners at an angle, A grid of molded reference marks on the inside of the front door makes drilling for swiches and indicators easy. A couple small issues... The DIN rails provided are not DIN compliant, they are too thin at 0.7mm rather than the specified 1mm thick metal. Thus DIN terminal blocks and relays do not fit snugly!. The mounting system for these rails is intersting, attaching to molded mounting points on the side, but will not work if you wish to remove the entire interior panel for fabrication or repair as the rails mount over the panel. Best not to use the included DIN rails, but mount your own to the interior panel.
Jeremy Hennessy Jeremy Hennessy
60 x 40 x 20 cm
Description wrong
Nice enclosure, but read full detailHeader states steel, they are not

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