Luke Stuhr Luke Stuhr
Diesel Heater
Great value. Well worth the money. Trying to decide if i should put in deer stand or leave in trailer. Want to do some more testing to be sure i can have enough power through solar panels to run unit as needed.
Dave Mushalek Dave Mushalek
parking heater
installed in polaris ranger. kept me hot all winter,no problems i could not get the remote to work so i just added wire to controller
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
Works great.
Only be cautious that the air flow is not restricted even a little. I put an intake filter on mine, and it sooted up very quickly. It took days to figure out the problem was the air filter I added.
S Weinhold S Weinhold
Fantastic little off grid heater.
This thing works great after you get it all set up. Don't forget to prime the pump. Its a better enclosed space heater than an open area heater. Would work great for rvs or mobile homes...heating a house if the power goes out. Its very efficent. One liter of diesel lasts a long time..probably 10 hours or better. No complaints. Mine was damaged in shipping but Vevor was quick to compensate me.
Trudy Hendricks Trudy Hendricks
Wonderful powerful little unit
Love it-Easy to use
Tim Parr Tim Parr
Put it in a piece of equipment it keeps the operator cab at a set temperature it works great
Michael Ripple Michael Ripple
Its a furnace for my enclosed 16x7 trailer works well and keeps everything above freezing even in -9 works well unless the fuel gels. so use non gelling fuel. Worth the price
Daniel Price Daniel Price
8 kw heater
(8kw = 27,297 btu) I live in alaska we have had a cold winter mostly in the negative. I installed my heater in a van and it has ran 20 gallons of heating oil threw it no problem. Very happy remote works from my bedroom in my house. Just ordered more without the case and another with the enclosure.
Lucas Allgauer Lucas Allgauer
works great
3 month into owning the 8kw diesel heater I have zero complaints. Great price and good product!
Ronald Purvis Ronald Purvis
Great heater
Heater works very well. Very happy with my purchase.

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