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Orlando kiroz Orlando kiroz
La calidad
Para servicio de casa
Ticara Coleman Ticara Coleman
Great product
I had a bad problem with sewer clog for a full year I called every place and town and they told me I would have to get someone to dig so they can get to the sewer line to clean out I almost gave up but I found this product and it to me the most a hour and half but it went down it’s been two months and it’s been no holt in flush or anything I would easily give this a 10 thanks so much
Bertocortes Bertocortes
Todo me agrada mucho gracias
pete patel pete patel
works great I have use just 2 times so far.
Wade Nelson Wade Nelson
Nice machine
I the machine and put it through the paces right away and it sure is a nice unit for the price
For leg chain sling
For the price this unit will work for most things, super nasty root issues might be an issue but just go slow. I do not understand all the negative reviews, and like the other reviewer, am pretty sure these are people that don't know how tools "work" and just used them wrong. I cleared 7 clogs this weekend, and had zero issues, even spooled the cable out all the way, and back in at least 15 times. The auto feed is a bit finnicky, but aren't they all? Impressed with the attachments as well, sure I used a couple of mine as well, but I could have done all 7 jobs with the included setup. If you have no experience using one of these machines, please, for the love of all that is proper, have a friend that does know how come by and teach you or at least watch like 10 hours of youtube videos otherwise you can seriously injure yourself or break your plumbing or the machine in no time flat...
Karla Allensworth Karla Allensworth
I haven't use it but when I do,it wouldbe nice not toxall the plumber
Michael Farris Michael Farris
Do not purchase this product
Purchased Commercial Drain Cleaner 75'x 3/8" Drain Cleaning Machine Snake Sewer 5 Cutters 1. The product continued to have issues when reeling in. I have contacted the company on multiple occasions via the website and a submission form to see about the product being replaced. Vevor has never contacted me back.
John Green John Green
Works good
Does a good job
Eva Horvath Eva Horvath
Worked perfectly, we are very happy with our purchase.
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