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David H. Sickles David H. Sickles
Need to work on directions.
I bought a second one for a different cabinet. This one I put the tracks on the first shelf. I installed the first shelf and tracks in the cabinet. I then installed the send shelf. Much easier.
nweyman nweyman
This is a quality product for a good price though instructions could be better. Had to contact service and they were prompt and responsive.
Yuca Yuca
Quality product
Great product
Zack Zack
Instructions lacking. But works great.
The instructions included are awful. It would appear that the bracket that screws to the cabinet box not the pole is mounted in the back corner of the cabinet when it’s actually mounted in the door opening.It comes with a paper template to place against the side of the cabinet to show you where the pole mounting bracket is located. Where the paper template pushes against the cabinet box is where the metal swing arm bracket is mounted. Once mounted it’s a super easy install. Takes all of 10 minutes total to install the product. I have installed much for a complicated blind corner pull outs that cost six to $800. This one is the same quality as the expensive ones.
Michael hill Michael hill
Great design!
Easy to install, sturdy, and better looking then a standard lazy susan.
Nina Nina
Extra storeage
Easy to install. Had an issue with the stops that keep the shelves from hitting the back of the cabinet falling off shortly after being installed. Fixed the problem with some liquid nails. This was installed in a cabinet that has quartz counter tops, was easy to install with a 2x4 installed at the top of the cabinet for support of the top.
Fordhazard Fordhazard
Instructions are terrible, leaves you guessing.
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
Excellent product
Easy installation. Very strong. Much better than the 1st one we had to return!
bob weaver bob weaver
Fit nicely
Replaced our 30+ years old original lazey susan. Was was to install
Gopher Man Gopher Man
Built to last
I bought this "Lazy Susan" to replace a plastic one that I had for many years and was starting to fall apart. I noticed that there were less expensive metal ones, but from looking at the pictures they seemed to be a bit thin. I wanted something that was thick and sturdy. This provided me with just what I was looking for. Just be sure to measure carefully, this fit perfectly. Any bigger and it wouldn't have fit in the space I had, and any smaller and it would have looked weird.

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