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Rich Ludwig Rich Ludwig
Great for my air gun customers . Am able to price package a bundle deal. I see they're going up in price, hope they don't get to expensive.
Scuba Jim Scuba Jim
Treasure Hunter
I made a video on its' ease of use. The price was well worth it. I use it to fill up my scuba tank soon to be tank(s). Be careful to close the tank valves prior to shutting it down otherwise it will force the inline filter into that very thin tube.
Zach Zach
My son and I set it up last night and used it for the first time. It was fast and easy to use! A word to the wise make sure you get some compressor oil before you get your pump or try an order it with your pump. it does not come with oil in it or a bottle with it. I lucked out and had new oil in the garage.
lourennes lourennes
Very good value for money!
Al Tryba Al Tryba
Works just like advertised
Richard Smith Richard Smith
Vevor 30mpa/4500psi High Pressure Air Compressor Pcp Airscuba Air Pump 1800w
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
Works perfectly
Bought this and was very skeptical, followed instructions and it has worked flawlessly for 12 refills so far.. I will update this review after 50 and 100 uses. I have a Benjamin Akeka 22cal 3k psi. I run it down to 2k then refill. A refill from 2k up yo 3k is roughly 1min-20secs. Works flawlessly and if it continues to work it鈥檚 worth every penny.Happy customer!V/RKirkUpdate : I鈥檓 at 65 uses and this compressor is still working like new !! 11/29/2021
Wyatt Bauer Wyatt Bauer
PCP compressor
For some reason it keeps kicking off, I've checked the oil level and it's okay and make sure all the fittings are secure. When I can get it to work it works great
Brian Brian
High pressure compressor
Working great
David Goodman David Goodman
High Pressure Compressor for PCP Air Rifle
Works ok, Add stated 4500 psi, mine cuts off automatically at 3000psi. Would like that extra psi

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