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Megan B Megan B
Great for mixing paints for minis
This has been working great for mixing paints, glaze medium, washes, varnish, etc. for miniatures (Army Painter dropper bottles, Vallejo dropper bottles, and Citadel pots). The pad on top comfortably takes either the tip or butt of a dropper bottle, and I appreciate that it's pressure-activated, so I can use it with one hand. The results drop off once you start getting into larger volumes (e.g., a 1.75oz bottle of Testors Dullcote), so consider something more heavy-duty if you're working with larger bottles of paint, but for the typical small bottles, it's a great, inexpensive vortex mixer.
Marten Thieman Marten Thieman
quick and easy
This baby really mixes up the paints.
Camren Serra Camren Serra
Works great for Citadel paint
The first unit I got didn't work but thanks to an easy return policy, I got another a couple days later, and it works perfectly. I use it to mix Citadel paints and it works a treat, particularly with contrast paints that need a lot of shaking if they've been sitting too long. I have tendonitis, so this has helped take a fair bit of pain out of painting!
Monie Monie
Wonderful piece of equipment to have
I use this for gel nail polish that comes in a bottle. A place one or two drops of gel polish thinner in the bottle, close it up, then I place the bottle in the little dip in the center and let the thing go to town. The gel polish comes out beautifully. Especially when it comes to the gel liner polish.
Could be stronger but overall great for mixing hobby paints!
If you have hand issues like arthritis in common with me this device is a god send. And saves a lot of hand aching and pain. You do have to give it some time and rotate positions but it mixes extremely well despite needing just a bit more torque. But I am very happy.
Erin NH Eason Erin NH Eason
Came loose
This product works well once tightened up but mine came with loose pieces inside, and the top came off after little use. Once tightened the product worked better and was more stable.
Corey H Corey H
Miniature Painting Must Have
Using this to mix acrylic paints for miniatures (wargame, rpg, etc.)Not only did this work marvelously to mix newer paints like contrasts and texture paints, but I also was able to restore a bottle of OLD demon deep red from Polly-S by adding some acrylic medium and mixing for 1 min/day for about a week.Good paints are expensive... this will save you on paints going bad and earn the value back quickly.
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
It works
I use this for miniature paints and it works really well so far.
xtra xtra
I wanted something to shake small bottles of paint.
They works great! No more feeling like I am going to throw my shoulder out just to have paint blended.
Aldo Vieira Aldo Vieira
Better than expected
I'm not too big on writing reviews all the time but I took the time out to do so because I'm very please with this purchase. I would definitely buy again!

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